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curious girl under glass' Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
curious girl under glass

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[23 Jan 2003|03:10pm]
okay, this is the last time i'm going to mention this.

if you haven't added my new journal yet, and you want to, please do so.


i just wanted to point that out, in case someone missed the memo. because i'm deleting astro_heart after i post this.

__3 xYou said you hate my suffering..__

[19 Jan 2003|10:00am]
[ mood | chipper ]

i guess this is it..(again.)

i'm leaving this name, so if you still want to be able to read my entries or whatever, go add compare.

if you don't feel like adding me there then..oh well. i guess i'll miss you :-* lol

okay...that's all. i might turn astro_heart into a photolog, so you can keep it added if you want, i don't care either way.

bye =x

compare compare compare
compare compare compare

..just in case you didn't..oh..i dont know..SEE it the first time..go add it, because i love you. :x

__3 xYou said you hate my suffering..__

[18 Jan 2003|10:39pm]
[ mood | cold ]

new icon.

here's a man whose face hasn't been projected by one of my icons in a WHILE.

plus, the monkey is cool.

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[18 Jan 2003|09:12pm]
[ mood | confused ]

thanks to she_to_me, i was able to make this.=)
i'm not too hung up on the name, but you can't get very pretty with usernames on LJ anymore (..since they're taken over by people who never use them..>:{)

so yeah, i'm probably going to sit and debate with myself for another week or so until i decide to move to it permanently.

words of encouragement are always welcome.

{oh..i have pictures from where katie and i went. i'll post them if i feel like blinding everyone with my ugliness later.}

__2 xYou said you hate my suffering..__

[17 Jan 2003|03:19pm]
[ mood | cold ]

...i think i'm going to leave until tomorrow evening with katie and her family. katie and i haven't hung out a lot lately, and i think she's upset about my mom's job search in phoenix, so this should be good.

where i'm going, i honestly don't know. i guess i'll see when i get there. somewhere in pennsylvania, i think. i'll have my camera, my cell phone(*cough*), and my cds, so i should be fine. ;x

so yeah. later.

ps.; commander venus. hee. (...i said 'hee'. kill me now =x)

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[17 Jan 2003|12:20pm]

this is mine on there. i heard it's like, 10 icons or something, because it just started. so yeah, it's neat.
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[17 Jan 2003|11:20am]
[ mood | bored ]

i finally deleted adriennejr. so if you still had it added, you can finally delete it off your lists.

i'm still being an indecisive little retard that can't think of a new username. lexi was supposed to help me, but i don't know what happened with that. anyway.

i want to get my hair cut today. i've been saying that for the last 2 weeks. maybe one day i'll actually do it.

i'm obsessed with this song.

You said you hate my suffering..__

[17 Jan 2003|10:36am]
..school? what's that? =X
You said you hate my suffering..__

[16 Jan 2003|08:30pm]
new icon. if it sucks, that's because i made it myself.

and i'm going to move to a new name soon. i have one in mind, but i'm not sure yet. okay yeah that's my stupid update of the day. i'm not going to school tomorrow. i'm too lazy to.
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[16 Jan 2003|07:17am]
[ mood | amused ]

"my BAY-BE."


..yes, that really was necessary.

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[16 Jan 2003|06:38am]
[ mood | annoyed ]

This account has been either temporarily or permanently suspended. If you are fever, please refer to the FAQ for more information. Please note that in order to maintain our users' privacy, LiveJournal.com cannot discuss the reasons for any suspension with anyone except the account's owner

..did you ever notice how the usernames you want are either taken by someone who NEVER updates, deleted, or got suspended?...jesus. lol

You said you hate my suffering..__

[15 Jan 2003|04:34pm]
[ mood | confused ]

i can't take this. i have to change my username.

i don't know what it is. i can't stay in one place for too long. i mean, i went through my last one for well over a year, but because i was stupid...REALLY stupid. one of those..if i saw the person i used to be walking down the street, i would beat the fucking shit out of her without hesitation.

but yeah, as soon as i find a code, i'm going onto a new name. things die out, and dedication gets pointless afterwards. ....well, it made sense to me, at least.

if you don't want to add my new name, it's okay. i know i really didn't talk to a lot of you, and for that i'm sorry. if anyone adds me when i change over, i'm going to try and be more social.

..i don't know what it is. it's just something telling me to leave this and start over....again.

__3 xYou said you hate my suffering..__

[15 Jan 2003|06:49am]
[ mood | frustrated ]

right about now, i want

-a new username
-a paid account.

..yeah. that's what i want. i don't know why, but i don't like this username anymore. it doesnt seem like...me, anymore. and a paid account is just because i think it would be nice. :x

so yeah. i just sat in front of this screen for about 10 minutes before deciding that i have nothing else to say.

__3 xYou said you hate my suffering..__

[14 Jan 2003|01:26pm]
[ mood | happy ]

..during lunch i called my dad on my cell and told him i was bored of school and wanted to go home, so he came and picked me up.

hahaha this fucking rules.

AND MIKE GAVE ME THE DESAPARECIDOS CD [!!] i swear i was so fucking happy when it was handed to me, lmao. mmm more Conor to love now.

okay, i came home just for Lexi, now WHY isnt she online?! >:o

__1 xYou said you hate my suffering..__

[14 Jan 2003|06:52am]
[ mood | tired ]

Katie's boyfriend has seen Bright Eyes over the summer. I'm very jealous. But he only has their Lifted CD. so me, being the nice person i am, made him copies of the other 5 i have.

and in return, he's burning me his Desaparecidos CD. <333 i can't wait to get that. That's basically the only reason I'm going to school today. haha

he's making me some other CDs, but i told him to surprise me with what they are, so i guess we'll see. But Mike has the best musical taste out of everyone i know, so it shouldn't be too bad.

(oh, and yesterday Katie told my crisis counselor that i was cutting [because she was "worried" or something], and he made me stay in his office for almost 2 hours to talk to me about it. that did NOT make me very pleased.)

__1 xYou said you hate my suffering..__

[13 Jan 2003|07:09am]
[ mood | cold ]

..sometimes you just have to grin and let others think you're happy.

..i'm really not in the mood for school today.

uhm..yesterday i took down my wall o' Green Day [ which is basically a HUGE pinboard filled up with posters and print-out pictures and shit ] and took ALL the pictures off so my mom could have the pinboard. then i had to tape them all BACK up on my wall.
BUT, at least i got a dry erase marker board out of it. i love it. it's huge, and i've always wanted one to have something to scribble lyrics and pictures on when i get board, and then erase and start over <3.

..now i need somewhere to put the fucking thing.

....oh, yeah. yesterday my mom bought me "The Sims: Unleashed" ..i swear, it's the fucking best lmao. my sims have like, 23457823 animals running around the house. so now there's about 6 versions of The Sims running on my computer, so if one day it magically crashes, at least i'll know why. :x

...uuhhh okay bye.

You said you hate my suffering..__

=\ [12 Jan 2003|12:15pm]
[ mood | drained ]

friend locked entry below.

you'll understand why it's locked after you read it.

You said you hate my suffering..__

[11 Jan 2003|02:46pm]
im charging my cellphone now. im never getting my keyboard back. im a bitch now according to mydad. at least he didnt beat me up again.

kayla, lexi, whoever, call my cell later if you want, because i wont be online for the rest of my life. bye.

ps. my parents want to send me away for my cutting. i fucking hate this.

..im not in control anymore
__2 xYou said you hate my suffering..__

[11 Jan 2003|01:20am]
[ mood | happy ]

..tonight was a really good night for Ben and Arienette. ;D lol..not that any of you know what i'm talking about. hahaha.

that makes me happy. which is much better than how i've been feeling lately.

Thanks so much, Lexi. you and me = GREAT RPing and GREAT RPing = HAPPY ROXY

__1 xYou said you hate my suffering..__

[10 Jan 2003|03:40pm]
[ mood | apathetic ]

i yelled at my french teacher today during 2nd period, and the day went downhill from there.

teacher-;:picks up MY notebook and throws it onto a desk after yelling at me to move my seat:;

me-"yes, that is MY fucking notebook! very good. how about you NOT touch it, thanks."

..that woman can fucking rot. she never leaves me the fuck alone.

..i wrote this song thing 3rd period when i wasn't paying attention in algebra. i'm debating on whether to post it or not. everyone seems to be on such a critical binge lately, fuckers.


wannabe ghetto people in my school-"yeah we're keeping it ghansta." ;:looks at bob:; 'WEST SIIIIIDE' ;:does hand motion:;


wannabe ghetto people-" yeah, see..you guys are-;:does rock symbol:;..but WE'RE ;:does west-side symbol:;..get it?!"

me-"...don't you think it's kind of hard to be "west side" when we live in EAST Paterson? ..we don't even have a ghetto..dumbass

yeah so, enough of my shitty mood.

__1 xYou said you hate my suffering..__

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